Tuesday, July 4, 2017

5th Grade Trip to Yankee Stadium

Have you visited Yankee Stadium?

I have!

And I went there together with my friends from the 5th grade, my class 5-510.
It was really a fun trip.
We took the bus from school, everybody was so ready to explore.

Yankee Stadium is super cool!
I haven't really played baseball but looking at this giant stadium make me feel so great!

We had a tour guide telling us about the history of this place.
And some great players New York Yankees, like Babe Ruth, as well as some important people who had been working very hard to make NY Yankees great!

We saw the field and again it was huge!

We certainly had so much fun there!
My teachers and the other 5th grade class, 5-512, were enjoying it, too.  
Here are some of our group photos.

Yankee Stadium is a great place indeed!
Will you visit this place?


  1. I wanted to come and see it! Yankee Stadium looks cool..

  2. Whoaaaaa... Yankee is my husband's favorite team. Hope someday we can visit the stadium. :)

  3. It looks like you and your friends had a great time!