Tuesday, April 17, 2018

I'm back!

Lampung, our home town in Indonesia :)

It's been a looong time since my last blog!
Apologies, everyone...being an IS student is not that easy obviously.
Tons of homework, endless reading, volunteer works and socializing seem to be overwhelming but I kind of enjoying it up until now :).
Well, school is cool as always but I do have busy days.

And a lot of things have been going in between.

We have crazy winter in  NYC, even up until April it's still cold.
My sister and I are back to watching Pokemon series, after finishing Teen Titans Go and Gumball.
I have finished reading the whole series of Percy Jackson (he's super cool! try to read the books!) and now I started reading the Kane Chronicles, from the same author (Thanks mom for convincing me how cool it is, reminding of our trip to Egypt back in 2010)
I also joined the Honor Roll Society *yeaaaah and will join the trip to Philadelphia with my friends in May! How cool is that :)

My mom bought me Pokemon Ball from Japan :)

And we are heading  back to Indonesia this summer.
I feel sad already :(.
I mean, it's a mixed feeling.
I love staying here in NYC but I now we have to move back, just like what happened to us after staying in Geneva, Switzerland, for 4 years.

But hey...Indonesia is super cool and the weather is always nice!
So we can make up the lost spring and summer there :)
Can't wait to go to the beaches as well in Lampung, our hometown.

Anybody wants to join me swimming here!

But now, I think I can start sharing some more stories and photos!
You know how my mom loves taking pictures soooo much LOL.

I don't mind going back to Bali, Indonesa, with  my family :)

So, see you on the next post!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Top of the Rock!

Have you been to Top of the Rock in NYC?

I have.
And it was fantastic!

Went there with my mom, my other grandma, and my sister.
My dad was still in Indonesia at that time.

We went there after coming down to the Oculus dan the Ground Zero.
I was tired and hungry, but the view is great!

We went up and up to the 35th floor I guess.
We took the elevator and waited for a while.
While waiting, they took our photos and they want us to act funny.

Then we enjoyed the view from Top of the Rock.

As always, my mom took many, many pictures.

But it was a beautiful day that we all enjoyed.

I would like to come back here again but my mom said the ticket is quite expensive :)).
So we'll see.

Have you gone up as well?
Do you like to see the view from the top?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Making strides against breast cancer at Central Park

My mom is a breast cancer survivor.

Every year, we walk with her at Central Park.
I think the event is called Making Strides.
Against breast cancer of course.

This year we are doing it again.
So last weekend, I went with my mom early morning at 7 AM to meet here friends at Central Park.
I was still sleepy but my mom was ready, so I slept again in the car.
My dad and my sister came join us later.

We met her team at around 7.45 and after everybody was there, we started the walk.
It was a loooooong one.
At least for me :).
After 2 miles, my legs hurt!

Well, but I kept walking with my mom and got a hot dog near the finish line.
We finished it and celebrated with  my mom, my dad, my sister and their friends.
It was good to be able to sit down.

I have some chips and drinks as well.
So that we sat down near the mall of Central Park and chatted.
My mom took a lot of photos.

my dad and my sister..

I am super happy my mom is much healthier now.
I hope we all stay healthy. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Back to school and welcome IS year!

Summer break is gone!

Just like that.

Well, not really.
I had so much fun during the summer break, mostly with my sister, my mom, and my 2 grannies.
My dad as well, although he went to Jakarta, Indonesia, our homeland, in August.

We went to places, mostly with my mom.
She has so many events to attend and we usually join her.

Then the time came for school.
The first day of school.
6th Grade, here I come!

I am super excited of course, as it will be my first time at the Intermediate School.
And IS is not elementary school for sure! 
I don't know what 6th Grade will be but I hope it will be fun.
Some of my friends go to the same school as mine, but many go to different IS or private.
Well, I guess I will have new friends and have fun with them.

IS is also different because the school gave me the Metro Card.

I take the bus home myself!
My mom usually rides the bus with me in the morning and I go home myself as my mom has to work.
My grandma takes my sister to her school, my old PS.

And we have more homework as well.
It makes me work on them  a lot of time but it's good that it keeps me busy.
We also have career class, when we discuss about the future and the choices I might have.
As always, we study about math, social study - my fave!, and ELA.
I hope it won't be that difficult.

Well, 6th grade is not that bad after all.

Ola, my dad gave me this watch for me as a gift!
It keeps me informed with the time for sure.
Love it!

How is your back to school time?
Hope it's as great as mine!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Summer Break with My PS4

Hands up to those loving PS 4!
Me, too.
Me, too.
Me, too.

I know summer break is over, but I would like to share about my Summer Break with My PS4. 
I got this play station in 2016 as a gift from my father.
Well, we bought it on my father's birthday, which is 6 day different from me.
So it was like birthday gift for both of us, 

When we got home, the first we have done is set up the play station.
My father was the first one to play in it because he brought it.
And he's a great player!
Mom said he has been a gamer since long time ago.

The first game my father played is Unchartered 4: A Thief's End.
Then  we play Lego the Movie together.

He took along time trying to play that game, but after a few hours later we can play it together. 
Then my father found that my sister can't play for some reason, but he figured it by making my sister an account in the Play station.
So all of us can play now.
Well, except my mom.
She doesn't like it.
She plays those restaurant games on her phones sometimes.

When we finished our game we asked our father for a new game,   "Minecraft".
Minecraft is the game that encourages kids to unleash their imagination and build anything they want. Literally anything.

There are three modes in Minecraft which are survival, creative, and multiplayer.

After we ordered it, our game was delivered home. 
Of course we tried it out right away. 
It was fun but we could not do multiplayer because we need PS plus.
I am trying to save 60$ so I can buy PS plus for a year. 
To be honest I like to play Minecraft in the computer because the update don't take that long, but in the PS it's a week behind every Minecraft  update.

After enjoying Minecraft together with my sister,  I asked a game that I can play myself, but the game that my dad brought me gave me nightmares! 
I cant even play it my self. 
It was a zombie game called "Resident Evil 6" 
It was not for me actually.
Because it's my dad's game.

It was scary, and it took a very long time to complete that game since I keep dying and dying and dying. 
Then I asked my dad a game that I want the most at this point was "Destiny".
It is a game where you're one the last survive in earth, but many others survived in their own planets. I stopped playing that game when Destiny 2 came out.
It was fun.

Then, in my next birthday, which is in December, my dad brought this game called "No Man's Sky".
It was a pretty fun game, but it was so hard trying to find materials for my ship, and I keep fighting this drones because I'm doing illegal mining in space. 
Many months later we keep on buying games like Jurassic Park, Star Wars, and  Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Most of them are for kids. For me and my sister.
So today we have about 15 games.
Amazing, right?
That's my summer break with my PS4

But now the summer break is over.
I can't play it too much. 
Many homeworks to do and the school hours are long as well.
So I just play PS4 on weekends, when we don't go out.

Do you like PS 4 as well?
What's your favorite game?

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Ice Cream Time - Taiyaki NYC

Do you like ice cream?
I do.
So does my sister.
And my mom, my dad and my grand ma.
So it's all of us in the family ;).

And in one of the summer days, my mom took us to Taiyaki Ice Cream NYC.
It was in China Town, near the Little Italy.
We went there after enjoying  Smorgasburg in Brooklyn.

My mom and my sister wanted to get their unicorn ice cream.
I have to admit it's cute!

Meanwhile, I got straight from Japan on
It's green tea and some sprinkles.
I can't get enough of it :)
It's so good.

The restaurant was so small and it has a looong line but we got what we wanted.
We ate our ice cream outside.
Just like many others ;).

Do you like ice cream as well?
What's your favorite?

Friday, August 18, 2017

Book Review: Minecraft The Island

Book Review on “Minecraft The Island”

Do you know about the game Minecraft? 

I love it!
My sister and I play it so many times.

Well the book is based on the game Minecraft. 
The character does not remember his past, he keeps having flashbacks. 
He tries to survive in the Minecraft dimension but keeps getting paranoid about his past.

In the first chapter the character is struggling underwater, because that’s where he woke up. After that the character swam north, then he found an island to shelter in. When he realized that it was nighttime, he heard a groan then the character got closer, he found out it was a zombie, he run as fast as he can but monsters keep popping up, when he got to a mountain he buried him self to hide form the monsters. The zombie was on top of him he waited the whole night for the zombie to be gone, when it was in the morning the zombie was gone the only thing left was a piece of rotten flesh.

In the second chapter, the character is getting used to the Minecraft dimension, he discovered a tool that is used in agriculture, a hoe but the character needs a tool to break stone so he can make a bunker in the hill. He keeps trying until he got a pickaxe he tried on stone and it worked well. Then he started mining in the mountain to build his base. After a few days when his house was done he started to study the creatures that pop up at night, the first target was the zombie, he found out the zombie has a familiar body like the character their bodies are blocky even the whole island is blocky.

Have you read the same book?

I hope you enjoy it!